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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tak nak or terlupa collect.. Opppsss..

I'm a bit dissapointed actually. Secara ringkas, ni la ceritanya..

- Customer place order thru SMS

- I quote her & she email the design/ theme prefer.

- Customer confirmed the date & pickup time 2PM.

- Customer asking whether she can COD.. So, Since it's below RM100, I agreed COD..

- A day before I ring her, just to confirmed. Unfortunately she's not reachable. Then I text her, no reply.

- On the pickup day, morning, I ring her, text her, same thing happen. But still I decor the cake..

- I was waiting for her since 2PM to almost 7PM, I then decided to go for dinner since it was my Son's Birthday.

- Suddenly she call to pickup the CC. I just arrived to Ikano. And she asking me to go back to Shah Alam..

- Spoke to husband, we postponed the birthday celeb.. We went back.. And till today SHE NEVER TURN UP.. not even 1 call..

So customers, from now onwards, All order below RM100 must paid in full.. ukan nak mengeluh, but please be fair to me occay... Terlebih EMO pulak... So here's the cuppies, 49PCS..


  1. Alahaiii siannyer...

    Xpelaa itu la ups and downs dlm berbisnes ni kan..dugaan tuu...InsyaAllah more rezeki is coming!

    Cheers! ^.^

  2. hish, apela cust ni..
    terukla.. menyushkan org betul..

  3. Nasib baik the day after to Mom's Day, boleh kasi kat neighbor... See on the positive side.. Sedekah... heheh

  4. hurmmm... ade gak cust camne ye kak Helly...
    dah siap call but then still x dtg pick up...
    sue plak geram..huhuhu..
    tapi takpe ade hikmah ...chaiyok!! ^_^

  5. Pikir bukan rezeki je la.. Sejuk sikit.. Dugaan bisnes ek, xkan nak smooth je kan... huk huk


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