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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fancy Cookies For Akikah

Order from Aliyah, TTDI Jaya.. 150 pieces of fancy cookies.. It's 2inch big with love, flower, stroller and bibs decoration.. It was so very easy dealing with Aliyah... I hope both baby n mummy stay healthy.. your baby is a real miracle n gift from Allah.. I cant believe 1.3kg bb girl can survive n yet she's so cute..

Fancy cookies in making...................
My photog is outstation.. Paham2 jer la kalau I yg snap gambar, kualit, byk gambar yang tak tersnap..

Frankly, its quite tiring doing fancy cookies, unlike cupcakes.. Frosting, dry up, individual pack.. hmmm.. So, to all my customers,mintak budi baik anda, please don't ask for discount, just gimme ur budget, I will come out what is the best I can offer you.. InsyaAllah ada product yang meet your budget...

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