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Monday, March 8, 2010

Cake | Thomas & Friends Carnival Cake

Tut Tut.. Thomas The Tank Engine having fun in the Island of Sodor..

Happy betul buat cake ni, cake topper provided by customer, K.Sally.

The whole family including bibik was so happy with this job..

'Panic jap bila Puan Akak Salina text me, tanya.. cantik tak kek tu Helly?? heheh'

Anyway K.Sally, Akmal's Birthday party was so well organized, I'm very happy to see u & all the blogger + FB + PCM friends... I love the goodies too, both for adult & kids punya... cun cun..


  1. helly...u are a God sent! saya sangatttt suka. hehehe...sorry for the text. mak pengantin kelam last minute tu. nerves hitting in. but we love, love, love it. tengok je kat fb, brapa ramai org tanya sapa buat cake. ehehehhe...

    thanks again. i've got another project ni. will keep u in the loop kalau jadik :)

  2. baru baca.. Thanks ye kak sally sbb trust kiter.. Anyway cake to lawo sbb topper from US u tu.. I decorate as per customer request jer... ALhamdulillah jadi gak... Thanks again kak Sally...


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