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Monday, December 28, 2009

Cake | Garden Theme Wedding Cake

It looks simple but I spend 10 hours to complete this assignment.. Pn. Zuraini ask for Aquamarine Blue, which is similar to Turqoise Blue.. I did some research, Aqua looks lighter & a bit greenish, Turqoise is a darker version.. Alhamdulillah, the combination of colors that I choose blend so well.. Lega rasanya bila Pn. Zuraini happy with my touch... Thanks...

Special thanks to my follower Anna for introduce me to Pn. Zuraini, Bukit Jelutong..

300 mini cupcakes for kids who attend the wedding. Dah siap bebanyak nampak cute pulak cupcakes kecik2... Tomeyyy jer..

Special thanks to K.Ayu, Khodijah, Ifwat, Walid and K.Watie for helping me to pack all these cupcakes.. To Dila, thanks for helping me from A-Z... Tangkas awak nih.. Kecik2 cili padi..

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